Craft 4500 I Turret Type Milling Machine

The core product – industrial strength CNC Plasma tables – are designed, developed, manufactured and tested for African conditions by Craft Machine Tools, a South African company based in Gauteng.

CNC Plasma Cutting solutions have long been viewed as highly desirable because of the precision and efficiency of the process. With the best design in it’s classs, Craft Machine Tools now ensures total customer satisfaction.

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Plasma Bed: Waterbed combats smoke pollution and heat deformation
Controls: Mach3 Customized Controller
THC: Arc Voltage Torch Height Control with electronic plate sensing
Motors: Stepper Motors
Motion: High Accuracy
Duty Cycle: Medium
Safety: E-Stop, obstacle detection, Magnetic torch break away with safety cut-off feature, X & Y limit Switches
Power: 220V single-phase; 380V/400V 3-phase
Bed Size (Working Area): 3000x1500mm
Controls: Mach3 Controller – Mounted on Bed – Fixed
Controller Accuracy: ± 0.05mm
Drive System: Direct Drive reduction planetary Gearbox
Motion System: Pressure loaded Rack & Pinion
High precision linear guides
Dual X Drive Gantry System
Plasma System Capacity: Powermax 45 & 65 (See plasma system section)
  • Compact footprint
  • High Efficiency
  • Quick installation & Commissioning
  • Environmentally friendly – low carbon footprint
  • Ease of operation
  • Rigid, Lightweight Aluminium profile Gantry – optimizes cutting speeds
  • Rapid Speeds